Thinking about all the things I want to do this year. As you may have read, I'm kind of in a weird place where I'm halfway content with where I am and also really wanting to do more with my life, time, and talents. We'll see where that gets me. I've been really intentional about scheduling my time well and getting things done lately, so that's been really motivating.

Listening to podcasts, mainly Freakonomics Radio and Spilled Milk. I always learn something totally interesting during Freakonomics episodes, and Spilled Milk makes me laugh so hard that people around me seem alarmed. (And no, I haven't listened to Serial. I listened to the first episode and it gave me way too much anxiety. While I appreciate what appears to be a really well-done program, it's just not for me.)

Watching Gilmore Girls (still!), Parenthood, and Friends. And oh my goodness you guys, Gilmore Girls is never going to end. I've actually never seen the end! So right now I'm coming up on the end of the final season and everything seems really good and normal and I know it can't end like that, right? Am I totally boring if I want it to end like that? Here's where I am: I love Christopher and I'm totally smitten with Logan. I think Luke is a big baby man child and I hear talk of Jess coming back but it sounds like I'm the only person in the world who is just totally dreading it.

(Not) Drinking enough water. How do you guys do it? I always mean to drink water and I hardly ever have more than three cups a day. Sometimes if I put lemon in some hot water I can trick myself into refilling it throughout the day, but lots of afternoons pass by and I realize I've barely had a sip. Water drinkers, share your tips!

Looking forward to getting a puppy! Rob and I applied to adopt a really cute little guy and we actually had a home visit with the rescue people last night. I have no idea how these things work and I think maybe it could still fall through (maybe not?), so I've been trying not to get too attached but I look at the puppy's picture approximately every twenty minutes. I think we may have a dog in the next week or two!

Loving finally feeling settled in Charlotte. I've made some friends and I meet Rob for lunch or coffee pretty regularly in the city and I'm really enjoying my life and schedule around here. It was really nice to travel to Minneapolis and then Salt Lake City, and today I'm actually off to Roanoke for the weekend but after that I'm looking forward to a long stretch with nowhere to be but at home.

What are you up to currently? Thanks to my blog-friend Dani for the post inspiration as always!


Photo by V.A. Photography.