Reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which I found on my bookshelf the other day and have somehow never read until now. It's so beautifully written and I'm really enjoying taking my time with it.

Watching so much Modern Family. I've had a tough couple of months, and watching that show with Rob always makes me laugh, cheers me up, and brings me optimism. I love how it can be so hilarious and ridiculous but always ends up making me cry in the last minute or two. Such a wonderful show.

Missing Minneapolis, a lot. I thought that once it started to cool down up there I'd be happy to have "escaped" it, if you will, but I'm finding myself really wishing we were back, feeling those cold mornings and wondering when that first snow will come. It doesn't help that there are countless fabulous restaurants, my favorite coffee shop, and a few great friends of mine who I really miss, too.

Looking forward to another long stretch of no events. My friend Tina's wedding was a few weeks ago and we had some time to wind down here in our new place, and then yesterday I got back from another long weekend in Roanoke for a going-away party and a baby shower for two different friends. It's still really nice being able to drive back and see people, but sometimes I feel like Rob and I are always on the move.

Thinking about some people in my life who lost a dear friend unexpectedly over the weekend. My heart is broken for all of them. Life is short, and it's devastatingly unfair sometimes.

Loving these cooler mornings and the hint of fall in the air here in North Carolina. I think my favorite season might finally be upon us (she says impatiently on this, the first day of fall)!


What have you been up to currently?

Thanks, Dani, for the post inspiration!