Weekend in Photos // (Kind of) Moving In

IMG_8307 edit.jpg

We spent a lot of time at our new apartment this weekend, unpacking the things we brought along with us in the car. It's mostly wedding gifts, so finally opening them for real was pretty fun, even if there's nothing to sit on while we did it.

On Saturday we went hiking with Rob's parents, and we got to visit them for dinner on Sunday. It's really nice having them (and Daisy the golden retriever) in the same city!

Our place is a quick walk away from one of the light rail stations, so we took the train into Uptown for the Charlotte Pride parade yesterday, which made me smile and cry (so many huge corporations sponsored the event and it just made me feel really good about the world--I'm a sap).


Tomorrow I'm off to Richmond before heading to Delaware for a super long weekend celebrating my best friend Tina's bachelorette festivities! I've been looking forward to it for so long; and despite spending so much time enjoying our new neighborhood with my sweet husband, it's been a rough past few days for me personally, so I think some time at the beach with girlfriends will be really good.