Hotel Rooms and Boxes


I'm so happy to be here in North Carolina, even if our things haven't arrived and all I brought with me is a box of cocktail dresses from the closet and a suitcase full of only the most random assortment of clothing. My stand mixer has found its place in our new kitchen, but my books are stuck in several other boxes, just waiting for the shelf to get here so they can get situated.

It's weird, to have "completed the move" but still be living in a hotel room and not know where the closest drug store is. I need some hairspray and I think I accidentally threw away my moisturizer in Minneapolis. But we're here, and tomorrow I drive the short three hours or less to Roanoke to get my hair cut and see some friends.

If I'm a little more absent than usual this week, it's probably because I can't find something that I need. Hopefully by this week, I'll have my desk set up in the new place and things will start to return to normal. Thank you all so much for reading and following along with me and Rob on this journey! I appreciate you more than you know.