Thinking about life in Charlotte and this move. Rob and I have both been traveling a lot and since our stuff still isn't here, I really don't feel like we live here yet. My mom is visiting for a few days and our new mattress arrived the other day, so I think we're finally taking some steps toward feeling like residents of North Carolina.

Listening to one of my favorite Pandora radio stations--it's Kate Nash and Regina Spektor with some Florence & the Machine and Feist. It's so good and I always listen to it in the fall or, like now, when I can't wait for fall. 

Loving our new apartment and the building itself--we have an awesome gym and there are two classes a week in the spin room! I went to one yesterday and the day before that, my mom and I actually walked into the city from my neighborhood, which was so nice. I think we're going to be really happy here.

Trying to get back into the swing of things with this blog and life in general. Things have been so weird lately and I had no idea that not having a physical desk to sit down in front of would make posting regularly so hard. I'm always telling myself that my schedule is flexible and that I can work from anywhere, which is mostly true, but it's been a long month of no routine and I'm really feeling it. 

Looking forward to...can you guess? Where the hell is our stuff? I can't wait for that moving truck to get here so we can finally move in and start calling this place home! But I also am looking forward to my birthday next week and shortly after that, my friend Tina is getting married! I've never been a bridesmaid before and I'm so excited about her wedding weekend.

What have you been up to currently?

Thanks to my friend Dani for inspiring these posts. 

Photo (from our wedding) by V.A. Photography.