On Moving Day

Today, movers are coming to load up our stuff, and soon after that Rob and I will start the long drive from Minneapolis to Charlotte in our little red SUV.

This move almost feels like it's been a few years in the making--like it started at that Halloween party where we met in 2008, followed us through the rest of college and into graduate school, watched us begin our careers, tackle a long-distance relationship, get engaged, make big moves to be together.

We got to know Minneapolis and fall in love with it; calling it home while simultaneously aching for the familiarity of Virginia and North Carolina. We missed graduations and surprise wedding receptions, but we walked across frozen lakes and ate cheese curds and learned how to not freak out when your car inevitably slides in the snow.

Minnesota is always going to hold a very real, very special place in my heart. It was our home while we planned our wedding, and the first place we lived as a married couple. I was able to take my blog full time in the year that I lived here, and Rob excelled at his job, leaving with a promotion and a lot of great experience. We learned a lot about ourselves, did some adventuring, and grew a lot as people.

The city is fantastic and the friends we've made are wonderful, and as bittersweet as it may be, now it's time to go.

Charlotte, here we come.