Questions (and Answers)

Every now and again, a question will come into my mind and I want to know everyone else's answer to it. Lately it's been a bit more simple, like "Does anyone watch in here watch Game of Thrones??"-- because right now I'm a temp in an office where nobody talks, and Monday mornings can be really hard on their own. But sometimes it's bigger, like "Do you believe in Heaven?" or "Who has been the most inspirational person in your life so far?"

Sharing your life online is crazy because you can just ask a question on Twitter or Instagram and people--strangers, even--will answer. I kind of love it. Sometimes I want to hug the world and know everything. (And sometimes I ask Twitter to ask me questions so that I can ask my blog, which is what happened yesterday.)

So, tell me. I'll go first.

What's your favorite thing about where you live?

I love the food in Minneapolis. There are so many fantastic restaurants where the service is phenomenal, the food is locally-sourced, and the options are endless--As a gluten-intolerant meat eater I can go out with a vegan friend and we can both enjoy full meals together almost anywhere. Coffee shops have almond milk and the espresso tastes like heaven and everything everywhere is homemade and I just love it all.

What was your major in undergrad?

I majored in English, with a minor in Creative Writing. Those were some of the best days!

Do you believe in The One?

As unromantic as it might sound coming from a newlywed who just married a man who is most certainly the love of her life, I have to say that I don't believe in "The One." I believe that there could probably be a number of people out there with whom you might be happy spending the rest of your life, but we sort of make "The One" for ourselves when we decide to. Does that make sense?

It's as though the choice and the commitment are the magical thing, not some perfect person you run into randomly, or the notion of love at first sight. Rob is definitely The One, even if I don't believe in "the one," because we chose each other. I don't find that thought to be contradictory. I actually think it's beautiful and real.

How do you keep the happy in your relationship--in a real, day-to-day life kind of way?

Rob and I are two of the silliest people you might ever meet. We talk in weird voices, watch cute videos of puppies and kittens, make up ridiculous song lyrics, and laugh all the time. The past five years together have just been so much fun, and I look forward to every new day with him. We genuinely have a great time together--and letting loose and being silly together has absolutely played a huge part in our very happy relationship.


What about you? Tell me your answers in the comments!

Photo credit: V.A. Photography