Weekend in Photos // Spring in the Twin Cities

This weekend was really good. Saturday was rainy and warm and involved a long lunch and peach cider at The Happy Gnome followed by some gorgeous macarons from Cosettas and a movie night at home. Easter felt a little weird this year, since we would usually be doing a big brunch at my parents' house all day, but on Sunday Rob and I ate eggs and drank coffee all morning before heading out to Lake Harriet to enjoy the beautiful weather before eating a really early dinner on the patio of a restaurant in our neighborhood.

I love a weekend where we spend one day in St. Paul and the other in Minneapolis. It makes me feel like I'm really taking advantage of the area. I've said this countless times, but it's been a long winter. It feels good to finally open the windows, take a long walk, and feel the sun on my skin.

How was your weekend?