Watching Game of Thrones, you guys! Who's caught up after last night? This is definitely my favorite show in the world and I'm so happy the new season has finally started up again! It's definitely intense, but I love so many of the characters and it's just a really rewarding show to watch closely.

Thinking about our wedding! It's 18 days away and I leave for Roanoke in just two weeks. There's still a lot of little things to be done, but I'm trying to take a minute here and there to reflect on how amazing this year has been (and try not to be freaked out at how quickly it's flashed by). Our wedding weekend will be over before we know it. But I'm so excited to have everyone we love together in the same place for two or three whole days.

Listening to my favorite Pandora station--it's Sigur Ros + Bon Iver + Explosions in the Sky. I've also been playing Cascada on my iPod when I run lately and it's so fun and reminds me of my high school running days. to-do lists count? After last month's The Eighty Twenty Book Club I haven't really picked up another book yet. Woops! What are you reading?

Loving this warmer weather we've been having--unfortunately this week is a bit cool again, but it's nice to get outside and run or walk every day.

Drinking iced coffee! I like to make it at night and stick it in the fridge for the morning. I've also really been into hot tea in the afternoons.

Eating so many vegetables. I finally got a spiral slicer and I've been turning veggies into noodles every day! I'll have to share a few recipes with you all soon.

Missing my family and friends a lot. My Maid of Honor, Tina, is getting married in September and this weekend I had to miss her engagement party/bridal shower weekend. It's really hard to be far away when so many awesome things are happening back home, and I hate that I wasn't there for it.

Looking forward to, well, do you really have to ask? Going home in two weeks to get ready for the wedding, for my friends and family to all get into town that Thursday and Friday, manicures and a pre-rehearsal lunch with my bridesmaids, the rehearsal/dinner, and, of course, getting married on May 3!

What are you up to currently?

As always, thanks to my sweet blog-friend Dani for inspiring these posts.