Friday Favorites (37)

Happy Friday! I was going through our engagement photos this week (42 days until the wedding!) and found the one above and just love it--I don't think I've even seen it before! Ashley really took a bunch of good ones.

We've had some warmer days here and snow is finally melting. I went for a run (my second outdoor Minnesota run of 2014--so sad) yesterday and it was really great.

First, some housekeeping

  • As you know, I've moved from Blogger to Squarespace. My posts can now be found at; so please update your RSS feeds! (If you use Feedly, you can add this link to your reader).
  • I'm going to start responding to comments right in the thread. This allows me to make sure I get to each one and still keep my email under control. So if you leave a comment, check back! My goal is to respond to all of them every day.


Wish List



Tonight Rob and I are off to happy hour at a new-to-us place before getting into some pretty serious cleaning and laundry. We just got a crock-pot and food processor from our wedding registry, so we have some new recipes on the docket, too. And then on Sunday, I have brunch plans with a couple girlfriends. What are you up to this weekend?