Yesterday, on the first of December, Charlotte reached 70 degrees. I lit an apple spice candle and moped around our apartment all day. Today it's chilly and grey and I'm in a coffee shop feeling more alive than ever. I always feel like yeah, weather affects me a lot; but the truth is that yeah, weather really affects me a lot. With the exception of maybe our wedding weekend, I don't think I've ever wished for a sunny day. Sometimes I think Seattle is where I'm supposed to be.

Rob and I bought a dog collar at Hampden-Sydney last month.

I've been listening to podcasts non-stop over the past few weeks. I go for long runs and the time just flies by. My favorites are This American Life, The Dinner Party Download, The Thomas Jefferson Hour, Stuff You Missed in History Class, and Spilled Milk.

I'm looking forward to a new year. I love this time of year--everything seems magical and hope is everywhere. Sitting down to a list of goals is one of my favorite ways to start a new month, and that's just completely magnified at the start of a new year. There is so much to look forward to.


"I wish the world was flat like the old days / Then I could travel just by folding a map / No more airplanes, or speed trains, or freeways / There'd be no distance that could hold us back"

--Death Cab for Cutie, The New Year