Questions (and Answers) v.4


What's your Myers-Briggs type?

I'm very much an INFJ- (that's introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging). I'm fine in social situations and even like them most of the time, but I'm truly an introvert at heart. I like to think that I'm creative as well as super perceptive, and when making decisions I absolutely rely on my personal thoughts and/or feelings over any sort of objective information, which is sometimes super frustrating for my incredibly logical (ENTJ) husband.

I love reading and learning about personality types, but my favorite Myers-Briggs related thing is this chart where you can find out which character from Harry Potter your personality type is most like

Describe your dream breakfast.

Modern Times Cafe in Minneapolis serves some of the most amazing breakfast I've ever had--and it's between their Croque John Paul with gluten-free bread and this special they offered sometimes that included eggs, black beans, corn tortillas, chorizo, fried plantains, and the most delicious avocado-cilantro sauce. Less specifically, though, my dream breakfast includes a latte followed by a Bloody Mary, Eggs Benedict, and super crunchy hash-browns.

In no particular order, what are three of your pet peeves?

When people use the word "anniversary" for anything that has been happening for less than a year, for example a "three month anniversary;" the absolute chaos that ensues when you order a burger or some barbecue without a bun anywhere in North Carolina; and when you put your blinker on and someone in the next lane deliberately refuses to let you merge.

What is your favorite show right now?

After vaguely being aware that there was hype around a show called "Parenthood" (and running out of Modern Family episodes), Rob and I decided to see what the fuss was about and are currently deep into life with the Bravermans. It's beautiful and funny and just really good. I'm extremely attached already.


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