My New Initials | The Merriweather Council

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I really wasn't much of an initials or monogram person until this year, when I got a new last name and found myself wanting "P" everything. It actually just started a few months ago, at my friend Tina's bachelorette party, where we all received monogrammed tumblers to take with us to the beach and I became absolutely enamored with my initials. MFP. It was the first time I saw my new initials spelled out like that and I liked it.

I became familiar with Danielle of The Merriweather Coucil a few weeks ago over Instagram, and immediately I fell head over heels with everything in her shop. Her work is the perfect balance of quirky and charming, and every piece is just absolutely gorgeous. I was totally smitten with the embroidered initial necklaces and so excited when she offered to send me a couple of my own--one in olive and one in grey. I already wear them all the time.

Want a Merriweather Council piece of your own? Use the code Freckles20 for 20% off all orders throughout October. You'll also receive a gift with your purchase--everyone who places an order this month will get an email from Danielle with a collection of beautiful, free calendar printables!