Thinking about this life that Rob and I have together. Sometimes it's so bizarre to reminisce about where we started--almost six years ago I met him for the first time at a Halloween party in college and we became friends before starting to date a few months later. Now he's my husband and we've lived in Roanoke, Charlottesville, Minneapolis, and Charlotte together--from undergrads to graduate students, working for Geek Squad and as a barista (I'll let you guess who was who in that scenario). We moved in together, graduated, found jobs, moved out, left jobs, moved back in, got married. Working, traveling, and having so much fun.

Fall always makes me extra nostalgic, but this year I feel like I have a lot more to look back on and be thankful for. (Also how crazy is it that we were in Virginia for our engagement shoot one year ago last month! Time is flying.)

Drinking almond milk lattes--like, too many of them. There's a coffee shop I love in downtown Charlotte (they call it Uptown here even though there isn't a separate "downtown") that is just wonderful and not ridiculously expensive, but it's dangerous because I talk myself into stopping there after a morning run at least once a week.

Doing a bit of balancing--I actually started a part-time job a couple of weeks ago, so there are two days a week that I usually feel like I have too much going on. But it's been good and when I do get used to it, I find that having a lot off different balls in the air often makes me more organized than when I have too much downtime. It's just the transition period that usually makes me cry while standing in front of a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, but we'll get past it.

Loving this cooler weather that's finally made its way to Charlotte! (I said this last time but it was a fluke.) Snuggling up under the covers and sleeping with the windows open when it's chilly is one of my favorite things, and we're doing it all week. I went on an extra-long run yesterday morning because it was just so beautiful outside. 

Watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix but you guys, I can't stand Lorelai. She talks way too fast and I just don't find any of it charming like I assume I am supposed to. I've seen episodes here and there in the past, but I've never watched the whole thing through. Right now I'm on season two and I don't know if I'll ever finish because after each episode I feel like I need a break from her. Anyone else?

What have you been up to these days?

As always, thanks to my friend Dani for the post inspiration!