Life Lately According to Instagram (#27)

Hello from Virginia! I'm always a bit behind with these Instagram recaps, but I love having them in my archives to flip through every now and again. March has been wonderful so far, but February was pretty good, too. I got a lot done and have a lot of exciting things coming up, which I'll be sharing more of soon. It's taken almost seven months and sometimes I still don't know what I'm doing, but I think I'm getting there.

1. February started with a great visit from my brother.

2-3. Valentine's day with Rob included several happy hours and a handmade card.

4. Spent many snowy afternoons exploring St. Paul.

5-7. Pretending spring is closer with fresh flowers every week and iced coffee every morning.

8. What a day at work looks like for me now.

9. Wedding rings! Can't believe we're getting married in eight weeks.

What did February look like to you? How's your March going so far?

Life Lately According to Instagram

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