Weekend in Photos // Settled In

This weekend was low-key and exactly what I needed. I've been a little more stressed out than I'd like to be lately, so we slept in on Saturday and drove through our neighborhood Caribou for coffee before going back home to make ourselves breakfast, read a wonderful article my mom sent from Roanoke about our wedding officiant (making us even more excited for May 3), and spend a large chunk of time on the couch.

I also managed to organize my work space and editorial calendar for the next few weeks, fold some laundry, and go to the gym twice, so it was the perfect mix of a Lazy Weekend and a Get Things Done Weekend.

On Sunday, I met my friend Daci for coffee and writing (we're taking those Old Friend from Far Away prompts seriously, you guys), followed by a quick walk through the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. And on my way back, I swung by our apartment to pick up Rob and we had a nice late lunch/early dinner at one of our favorite placesAll in all, a great few days.


How was your weekend?