Life Lately According to Instagram (#26)

I can't believe we're already a few days into February--it was a year ago this past weekend that Rob moved out here on his own to pursue an amazing career opportunity. I know the six months he spent alone here weren't easy (Minnesota's winters can be rough enough even when you aren't on your own), but I am so grateful and overwhelmingly proud of that man of mine for being smart and successful and brave enough to set out into unfamiliar territory to make our future so much brighter. How's that for some sap first thing on a Monday morning? I spent the weekend thinking about it a lot. I'm so glad we're here together now.

January was a really full month. Alt Summit was fabulous, but there were a lot of lovely moments that took place right here in Minneapolis. I'd say 2014 is off to a really great start. And for the record, VSCO CAM has sort of kind of changed my life.

1. New Year's Day Coffee in bed. The best way to begin 2014.
2. Saturday afternoon movie date. | 3. Fresh snow is my new love language.
4. Evening walks around Uptown.
7. A snowy walk around Lake Normandale. | 8. Making a "Sean List" for my brother's visit this week!
9. Went ice skating in Rice Park and it was so beautiful. I'm now obsessed with the Landmark Center.

What did January look like in your world?

Life Lately According to Instagram is a once-monthly feature in which I showcase my favorite Instagram shots. You can follow along with me in real-time if you'd like--I'm @megan_flynn.