Introducing The Eighty Twenty

A couple of months ago, my friend Jenna sent me and a few other Paleo-minded bloggers an email with an idea. 

"I want to start a website," she said, "and I want it to take what I always loved about my blog and make it into a magazine-style site that women go to for:

Recipes: specifically clean, paleo, allergen free
Workouts: functional workouts, yoga, active recovery
Skincare: makeup, routines, masks, etc.
Haircare: tutorials
Advice: on all of the above
Female health i.e. hormones, reproductive health, pregnancy

The kicker? I don't want to be the sole writer. I want the site to work as a team of writers - contributing when they can."

So that's exactly what we did. And it's my pleasure to finally show you what we came up with. I hope you find yourself enjoying The Eighty Twenty as much as we do.

Let us know what you think! Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

The Eighty Twenty is also on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.