What I Wore 59: Christmas Tree Shopping

We had a really cold weekend here in Minneapolis. When I woke up on Saturday, it was -11 degrees outside, but I was still super excited to go out and get our Christmas tree. In past years, we've always just set up a mini fake one, but this year Rob and I both really wanted to get a full-sized real one. This year away really has me eager to start some new traditions.

So I slapped some leggings on underneath my jeans and it was Christmas Tree Shopping Day! (From here until, well, April, outdoor What I Wore posts will probably contain less photos and more watery eyes. It's a little chilly out there.)

Sweater: GAP | Jacket: Old Navy
Earmuffs (mine are in Chestnut): UGG Australia
Mittens: My mom's old pair. I love these things.
Bag: Coach | Jeans: Levi's
Short Rain Boots: c/o Joules


Joules recently sent me these little boots and they're so cute. I know they're mainly meant for rain, but the furry lining inside did a pretty decent job keeping my feet warm for a while. I probably could have done the pants thing with socks and worn two pairs, but I think that's just Minnesota. The color is so fun and they're grippy enough for slippery sidewalks! I'm a fan.

And look! Our tree is so cute.

How was your weekend? Anyone else get a tree on Saturday?