All Dogs Go to Heaven

My family had to say goodbye to our beloved Rocky yesterday. I am so heartbroken that I didn't get to hold him one last time. Before I caught my flight back to Minneapolis a few weeks ago, I carried him up our long, steep driveway so we could take one more walk around the neighborhood together. I keep holding onto that--our quiet walks together--and the memory of him once stealing an entire sandwich right out of Rob's unsuspecting hand. He was silly and happy and always up for a snack.

I'm so grateful for this past year we were given to be so intentional about loving him while he was still with us. But it doesn't make it any easier knowing that he's gone. He lived a great fifteen years full of boat rides and cuddles and was blessed with so few health problems until recently. I loved him so much--still do. My life was made so much better because of that sweet dog.