We Can Swim Any Day in November

Sleeping In by The Postal Service on Grooveshark

I don't remember when November became my favorite month--it must have been one of my undergrad days at Longwood. When you start something in August (be it school or moving to a new city), it takes until about now for you to really hit your stride, I think. The days get a little shorter, but your home feels a lot cozier, and the weather starts doing that thing where you almost feel like it's winter, but are still enjoying fall.

I guess being someone who feels so ambivalent about transitions, it only makes sense that this time of year is my favorite. I may not always care for uncertainty and change, but I do like dreary skies, morning fog, and chilly afternoons.

November begins the year's homestretch--we have two more months to make 2013 everything we wanted it to be. And if we just want to bake and drink tea and read instead, then that's just fine, too.

Happy November, friends, and happy weekend.