Making Body Scrub with Bing Smart Search

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Last year around the holidays, my friend Tony and I made a pact to turn 2013 into "The Year of DIY." He threw a bean-themed party with goody bags and a table full of awesome bean dishes and even made the cutest bunting for the dining room wall. I showed up with a round vanilla candle that I surrounded with cinnamon sticks and tied with a white ribbon, and then we didn't make any more crafts for the rest of the year.

This holiday season, I'm determined to make at least one or two gifts for people. I've always have a plethora of jars that has continued to grow over the years (I'm not sure if I'm actually a horder or just very environmentally concious), and I've always been a fan of a good body scrub--so I thought that I'd honor my oath to DIY and give a homemade body scrub recipe or two a try. (And, apparently, do a bit of rhyming.)

Image via Whole Living

I was really excited when Bing asked me to use their new Smart Search to navigate my next online searching experience, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Have you used it? I was so pleased with how it was not only easy, but helpful.

We passed by the Windows store in the mall the other day and stopped in to do a quick Bing search on one of their new tablets. I simply typed in "DIY body scrub" and was met with a really aesthetically pleasing page of results. A row of photos in the middle of the page were helpful and expanded with a quick hover of my mouse. Bing Smart Search truly does provide a smart summary of results. You get a rich, visual summary of the most relevant information from across the web, and I'm totally going to make that Spicy Sugar Scrub (pictured above) from Whole Living. It looks like it'll be perfect for the holidays.

Have you made any great body scrubs or other homemade bath/beauty products lately?
And what are you waiting for? Give Bing Smart Search a go!

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