Friday Favorites (31)

Happy Friday! I hope you all have had a wonderful week. Rob and I are home all weekend with no visitors and plans to walk through an apple orchard on Saturday morning. I encountered a new favorite coffee shop in Minneapolis that serves almond milk, so we might be stopping there first for a latte. But until then, here are some links!

Five Truths That Will Make Running Your Biz (And Your Life) Infinitely Easier. I especially liked number five. I'm definitely trying to learn how to do something positive with fear and doubt.
Six Pieces of Advice You Need To Follow If You Actually Want Your Long Distance Relationship To Work. I'm glad this doesn't apply to me anymore, but I thought it was a decent list.

Food and Health
A Doctor and a Chef Talk About Meat
A little self-promotion: Cave Girl Consulting is taking new clients, so if you need any Paleo coaching, I'm your girl!

Books and Music
I was really unexpectedly moved by this letter from Ernest Hemingway to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Even in his everyday writing, Hemingway was beautifully gifted. On enjoying letter-writing, he says "It's such a swell way to keep from working and yet feel you've done something."
Idina and Kristen, back together to shoot some Wicked-themed photos for the musical's tenth anniversary. Swoon.
This gave me a good laugh--High School Freshman Thinks ‘Romeo And Juliet’ Might Just Be Her Favorite Play. I had a fantastic Medieval Literature professor in college who pretty much ruined that play for me in the best way possible, so the snob in me always loves hearing anyone go on and on about how romantic it is.
This Pentatonix cover of Lourde's Royals blew my mind. I can't get enough a capella, ever.

Culture and Current Events
Hearing Malala Yousafzai speak to Jon Stewart felt like an honor, and I loved both her strength and Stewart's reaction to her words. However, this article made a couple arguments I hadn't thought about yet. What do you think?
Slate Forgot That the One Common Factor in Rapes Are Rapists. When are we going to stop blaming victims?

Cute Stuff
Have you guys met Tara? She has an awesome shop called Starletta Designs that you should check out this weekend!
I lost a pair of boots that looked almost exactly like these and I miss them every fall day of my life! Where could they be? Maybe I should replace them already.
This rose gold and snake-embossed watch is kind of different from my usual style, but I'm seriously loving it.
I would be warmer and a lot cuter if only I had this faux fur infinity scarf.


What have you been reading/listening to/adding to your wishlist lately? What's on your agenda this weekend?