Vacation in Photos | Williamsburg

I'm going to dump a few more photos on you for now, and then that should be it until I start showing you my favorite shots from our engagement session, which I'm pretty sure is going to end up being a series of three posts full of just photos. Woops.

We spent our second week in Virginia with Rob's family in Williamsburg, and I had some time to meet up with friends like Sarah and my college roommate, Michele. I ate sandwiches on gluten-free bread and drank wine for lunch and had afternoon espresso every day. And then there was the park, where William ran around and acted like a five year old even though he's one and a half.

On Friday we went to Farmville and on Saturday my other college roommate, Caroline, got married in Charlottesville. We really did Virginia! It was a great vacation, but I'm glad to be back. By the end of our two weeks away, I found myself referring to Minneapolis as home, and it feels good. Virginia is always going to have a piece of my heart, though.

What have you guys been up to? I can't believe it's already Wednesday!