Weekend in Photos // Moving to Minnesota

We managed to drive from Roanoke to Minneapolis in one day, but it wasn't easy. My poor mom was a trooper even though after hour twelve her back was killing her. Sean drove more than his fair share of the way when I couldn't manage to keep my eyes open, and after a flat tire and a much needed stop for a proper dinner not at a fast food restaurant, we finally got to my new apartment around 2:00 AM. It could have gone a bit smoother, but we made it to our destination safely, and that's what matters.

We did some unpacking and organizing, went out to eat at some of our favorite places, bought groceries and cooked a bit, and spent a lot of time together on the deck of our apartment. And let's not forget about The Postal Service playing live in St. Paul and blowing our minds.

It was so fantastic to show my mom and brother around, and I felt sad for a good four hours after they left on Sunday morning. I'm really going to miss my whole family. We'll be heading back home for over a week next month, though, so until then I'm making the most of this new adventure and trying to make our apartment really feel like home. It's only one hour, but I'm still getting used to being in a different time zone from the East Coast. There's nothing like a time difference between your new home and your old one to spawn a minor identity crisis!

How was your weekend?