Taking a Moment in the Middle of the Week

I'm trying to do yoga. When I say that I'm trying to do yoga, it means I got a sudden urge to one day stretch and actually be able to touch my toes. I am not flexible. So I did a few sun salutations yesterday and felt pretty good about it.

This move from Virginia to Minnesota has been really smooth so far, so naturally I am waiting for the moment where my anxiety will kick in and I'll freak out about being so far from home. So far so good though, you guys.

But what do you do when you feel a little anxious or a little stressed to calm down a bit?

I made a list.

+ Call someone from home. Ask to talk to your dog as well.

+ Go for that run even though you're sore and really don't feel like it.

+ Make some tea. While the water boils, stretch.

+ Watch a couple episodes of


. Works every time.

+ Write something down. Step away from it and add or edit.

+ Look through old photos and laugh at your hair.

+ Lie down on the couch and read something.

What do you do when you need to chill out?


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