Friday Favorites (26)

I got home from Philadelphia at around noon today and proceeded to sleep for four hours. Working out of town really takes it out of you. I ate a lot of wonderful food but didn't get much sleep. I'm glad to be home! Tomorrow I'm having brunch with my friend Shawna, getting my hair colored, and doing some more packing for Minnesota.

Here are some links from the past few weeks--it's been a while since I did a Friday Favorites, and hey, better late than never, right? I'm looking forward to a week or two from now when I can really jump back into blogging. It's been crazy around here!

So many good resources on Function. I'm looking forward to diving in soon!

Emma seems so sweet, and her blog is adorable!

On my current wishlist: this cute dressthis one, and this adorable white one (still looking for pretty bridal shower things). And okay, look at this little pink thing!

This was disappointing: Racists Very Upset Over Interracial Family in Cute Cheerios Commercial.
(But this was awesome: kids react to the commercial and don't see what the big deal is.)

I've seen these before and they move me every time.

Chicastic has cute little bridal and evening clutches, and their prices are really reasonable. And speaking of deals, Stylzoo is packed with clothes, jewelry, and more for under $20.

I'm enjoying Sarah's Weekend in Photos series. She's a sweetheart.

Disqus is kind of working, so if you can't leave a comment while I figure it out, just click on the individual post itself and the widget should show up. This has been frustrating! But I think it'll be worth it. Thanks for hanging with me while I figure that out and while I finish up my last week of work and move to Minneapolis!