Friday Favorites (24)

Happy weekend to you! I've had a crazy week--work was extra busy, I managed to stop by the venue where we'll be getting married to taste our wedding dinner, and I've reached out to almost all my bridesmaids (who are all over the place, from Charlottesville to New York to South Korea)!

I've been flip-flopping between feeling overwhelmed with all the things I want to get done early and feeling a little embarrassed about booking a photographer only two and a half weeks into our engagement. And also trying to talk about something other than the wedding, which, as you can see, is almost impossible for me right now.

Anyway, here are some links for your weekend! I hope you enjoy:

I mentioned that one of my best friends, Patrick, finally married his fiancé Chad last week. Here are photos from their awesome photographer.

Loved this: The faces behind some Disney villains.

I am so glad that Kelly Ann is back to blogging. Everything she does and says is beautiful.

One of my favorite professors was featured in a Longwood News Release. You're so cool, Dr. McGee!

I almost always have the itch for a new watch, so I'm glad I found Watch Warehouse. I have my eye on this skinny little Michael Kors one.

This blew my mind. Science!

And this broke my heart. I think the BSA will be better off without these kind of people.

I love Danielle's blog and hearing about her awesome adventures with yeast-free eating.

I meant to post this last time, but my amazing friend Amanda started a blog. You can read her first post here.

I loved looking at these maps showing the ways we say different words around the country. So interesting!

Promoted content: The Hunt is a community that helps you find the items you covet but can't find--it's sort of an online shopper's dream come true.


I'm having dinner and drinks at my favorite place with two of my girlfriends tonight, and then I'm looking forward to a relaxing Saturday and a brunch date on Sunday in Charlottesville with two of my bridesmaids! What fun things do you have planned this weekend?