Friday Favorites (23)

Well, it certainly doesn't feel like Friday to me because I've practically been on vacation all week, but after two days at work I'm off again and ready for another long weekend! This morning my brother and I are heading to Charlottesville to pick up one of his friends, and then we're all driving to DC for a wedding on Saturday. And this afternoon, my fiancé (that didn't take long to get used to!) is flying in from Minneapolis and the weekend can officially begin!

Here are some links for your weekend:

Cute Stuff
I love so many of these dresses--especially that Ted Baker Briony Dress.
Look at these cute glasses! They remind me of Melissa.
Robyn is so sweet and I just love her outlook on life.
I wouldn't say no to these sandals. And would someone get me this cute thing?

Books and Movies
Loving "Gatsby" Too Much and Not Enough--this is exactly how I felt about the movie. Maybe I shouldn't have read this before seeing it.
I loved Brenda Chapman's reaction to this ridiculous makeover of Merida from Brave.
I think it was awesome of Danielle to share this piece of fiction with us.

Religion, Culture, Health
Missing Husband--so beautiful and sad. We can do better than this!
This is everything to me. Like, how I feel about faith and the world in one image.


What do you have planned this weekend? What awesome thing have you read or seen lately?