The Weekend | To Minneapolis

Minneapolis is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. Rob living there has a lot to do with it, sure, but the place is just cool. As I sat in the airport waiting for the last leg of my travels, I had a thought that I've never had before:

I'm so glad he took this job, because otherwise we would have missed out.

Remember that bright side I was talking about a couple of weeks ago? I've jumped on it with both feet.

I whipped out my camera on our walk to brunch at Edina Grill on Saturday to find that my battery had died and I hadn't packed the charger. After a Bloody Mary (mine) and a mimosa (his) paired with a delicious meal of English muffin-less Eggs Benedict (mine) and a ham and cheese egg scramble (his), we headed to the Mall of America, where I got a new charger, but I still didn't take enough photos after I got my camera fired up.

Here are the highlights:
+ Best dinner ever happened at Chino Latino
(Get a Cucumber Cooler and please don't leave without having the spare ribs.)
+ Had an okay latte (Rob got a mocha) at Peace Coffee, but the shop itself and neighborhood are quaint and cozy and I'd go back again.
+ Walked by Moon Palace Books after coffee but didn't go in because of a sign that said "Puppet Show in Progress." This is Minneapolis, and it's awesome and hilarious at every turn.
+Took lots of naps, watched lots of our shows, slept in on Sunday.

(Some shots from my phone: 1 2 3 4)

How was your weekend?