Recipe: Paleo Strawberry Banana Sorbet

I'm all about frozen yogurt.

You know those little fro-yo shops that are all named something relating to frogs or bubbles and cherries? My internal five-year-old cheers, yes! every time I see a new one crop up. I first discovered the wonder that is frozen yogurt a little late, I think at age twenty-two, when my friend Emma took me to Berrybody in Williamsburg. With her guidance, I got the tart flavor with fresh fruit on top of it and was like, embarrassingly blown away by its majesty.

It wasn't until I started stopping by my local frozen yogurt shop for breakfast that I realized I might have a problem. Several yogurt-laden months later I went Paleo and cut out dairy, and as I wept for my morning lattes and anytime frozen yogurt, I realized that there were non-dairy sorbets available, which, to this day, I still eat in earnest. They make a good treat, but they're full of sugar and we know that and it's just not appropriate to eat dessert every single day like we might want to.

So let's make our own, and let's eat it for breakfast.


Makes 3 servings
2 1/2 cups of fresh, ripe strawberries
1 ripe banana
1/2 cup of (canned) coconut cream
1 tbsp agave nectar

1. Combine ingredients in a food processor or a blender. Basically you're making a smoothie.
2. Pour the mixture in a container (I used a Ziploc bag) and stick it in the freezer overnight.
3. Take it out when it's solid but not completely frozen and you're ready to serve it. Scoop it out or, if you used a bag, cut a corner off and sort of "pipe" it into dishes. 
4. Garnish with a strawberry and eat while it's still mostly frozen.