Friday Favorites (19)

Happy Friday! Being a little under the weather has also made me feel a little anxious. I ate a lot of junk food, but managed to go to bed early every night. You win some, you lose some!

[Monday snacks with my friend Erica.]

Some weekend reading for you:

Funny, Cute, and Pretty
This killed me--Boss Really Getting On Man's Ass About Finishing NCAA Bracket. I love The Onion.
How sweet is this little polka dotted background for your phone or computer? Nice and spring-y!
I treated myself to a new dress for Melissa's wedding this summer.
I love Maddie's blog--so sweet and creative.

I loved this beautiful story about Hillary Thompson, an inspiring transgender skateboarder.
Almost fist-pumped while reading about the Westboro Equality House. Aaron Jackson, let's be friends.
Fantastic thoughts on the Stuebenville rape trial and our culture of rape in general: "I can't imagine doing anything to someone who is passed out, other than finding them a blanket and rolling them onto their side in case they puke."
This was a really beautiful piece about modern marriage.

Odds & Ends
This blog post about having a deaf dog resonated with me as Rocky's hearing has already said "see ya!".
Cool photos from a springtime snow in China.
I started doing this plan this week to get my butt in gear. It's kind of like having a coach.
My friend Jackie has a cute stationary shop--but I also love this banner she sells.
I love reading people's "Currently" posts--read Robyn's here!
Have you checked out Feedly? I love it! I don't even care that Google Reader is discontinuing anymore!


I'm off to Northern Virginia after work today to hang out with Rob and his brothers--he got in yesterday and I can't wait to get there! I'm also hoping to say hi to and get coffee with a few friends while I'm in town. What do you have planned this weekend?