[Sean and I had some sake and sushi on Wednesday at one of our favorite places, Formosa.]

Watching the new season of GIRLS and loving every minute of it. I was so excited when Season 2 started and I have seriously loved every episode so far. I think Lena Dunham is amazing.

Thinking about the trip I'm taking to Detroit next week for work. I'm really looking forward to it because it's going to be such a good experience for me but I'm still pretty nervous about it. I'm amazed at how much my job has pushed me out of my comfort zone; really more than anything else I've ever done so far. I think that's good.

Listening to the second half of the Les Miserables soundtrack. I'm kind of in a musical rut right now--I rotate between Death Cab for Cutie and Regina Spektor albums, which I love, but I haven't really branched out in a while. What's your favorite band or album? I'm ready for something new.

Excited about spring! I know it's still two weeks away but I am ready for sundresses and sandals and long runs by the river and spending weekends outside. Who's with me?

Reading The Evolution of God by Robert Wright. I borrowed it a couple of months ago from my friend Chad and am finally getting around to reading it. It's amazing and so, so interesting.

Loving the way my hair feels after using a coconut oil hair mask on Saturday. I just mixed three tablespoons of coconut oil and one tablespoon of olive oil and my hair still feels super soft and looks really shiny. If I didn't have to shampoo it for twenty minutes to get it out, I might actually do it every weekend.

Drinking lots of hot herbal tea and iced water. It is a constant struggle of mine to drink enough water, and I find that a big cup of rooibos or chai tea a few times a day keeps me hydrated, and then I actually crave really cold water, too. So far that's working, so I'm sticking to it!

Eating so many clementines. They are delicious and as weird as it might sound, I love how easily the peel just comes right off. You rip one open and it's like you're just supposed to be eating them by the box full. 

Missing CrossFit or really any kind of daily workout routine. I find it so hard to exercise enough when I work full-time, and it's really making me feel bummed and even anxious sometimes! I'm hoping that I can get back into running every day instead of just randomly once the weather starts getting warmer.

Making me happy that Rob will be here for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. It was weird to be away from each other, since usually we go on vacation together to celebrate, but since we're in such a new and different place in life right now, I think this will be just fine. His flight gets in late on Friday evening and on Saturday we're checking in to The Hotel Roanoke for the night. It's not Las Vegas or New York City, but it sounds pretty perfect to me.

What are you up to currently? I want to know!
As always, thank you to my sweet blog-friend Dani for inspiring these posts.