Weekend in Photos // A Taste of the Twin Cities

I landed at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport late on Thursday night. There was snow on the ground but it was dark and I didn't get a very good first look at these incredible cities.

On Friday morning we woke up together and I took Rob to work in case I needed his car for something, which I really didn't, because after driving through a McDonald's for some breakfast and coffee, I ended up spending the day writing and unpacking boxes; decorating little corners of his apartment and maybe sort of pretending that I was moving in, myself. I had lunch delivered and took a shower and did something fun to my hair and at 3:30, left to pick Rob up at his office because he's done at 4:00 and that's awesome.

We planned our evening and the next day mostly around the food we would eat. After hearing that Minneapolis and St. Paul are something of a foodie haven, Rob compiled a list and we got right to it. Dinner on Friday night was at Yumi's Sushi Bar, and Saturday consisted of an amazing breakfast at Modern Times, a delicious (and almost completely Paleo) lunch at Brasa, and a romantic tapas dinner at Solera (get two orders of the dates--we did).

Spending time with Rob is always wonderful, but there was something really different and special about coming somewhere new, unpacking a few boxes and helping to make an apartment feel like home, and exploring a new city together. It was difficult to leave.

As my flight back to the East Coast took off (after some tears) on Sunday afternoon, I finally got a good look at the surrounding area, and it took my breath away. Covered in snow, the whole thing looked unfamiliar to me, but clean and new and beautiful, and it seemed to go on and on forever.

I can't wait to go back.