Naomi the Adorable Vampire Cat

While I'm not exactly a "cat person," I do pretty much love all warm and fuzzy animals. Rob's sister-in-law has a cat named Naomi who just absolutely stole my heart while we were visiting over Christmas. Used to the Arizona heat, she would paw at the chest of anyone who was wearing a sweater; especially Rob. She would climb into his zip-front hoodie and fall asleep on his chest. I've never met a more cuddle-friendly cat.

She actually used to be a show cat but the next person who wound up with her thought she was ugly, so Beth got her for free. They've been together for years.

I took these photos of her as she lounged in her sunny little cat tower one afternoon, and I've just sort of been saving them for a rainy (or perhaps snowy) day. Her coloring is just gorgeous and I got a fabulous shot of her looking crazy in the middle of a yawn. Hope you enjoy. I miss you, Naomi Cat!