Life Lately According to Instagram (#15)

As I put this collage together I was reminded of why I do these.
There isn't a picture here of something negative or sad or difficult, because that isn't what you take photos of.

January was a little rough, but 2013 has been good.

1. Sunday breakfast at Mill Mountain with my mom.
2. 2013's first DIY: a cinnamon-wrapped candle for my friend Tony.
3. Setting up for a Shop My Closet.
4. Weekend cleaning. My vanity gets crazy sometimes.
5. Dinner and drinks at Metro! with girlfriends from work.
6. New TOMS.
7. Snow day--worked from home.
8. At Mas in Charlottesville with Emma.
9. Emma's new pup, Giselle. She's a pit bull-beagle mix.
10. Rob and Chad.
11. Came down with the stomach flu and read one of my favorite children's books.
12. Post-flu, literally five pounds lighter. Miserable.
13-15. Weekend in Richmond with Tina and Michael to see my brother's band.
16. Found this picture of Rob from last winter. I love it.
17. Rocky's face warms my heart every single day.
18. Matt and Tony's pugs are the life of the party.
19. Favorite skirt and a Bebe Sport shirt from the early 2000s.
20. Telecommuted from Arlington on a snowy Friday.
21. Rob and I on his last weekend in the Arlington apartment.
22. Lunch with Melissa.
23. The most amazing Paleo treat I've ever experienced.
24. Red lips, mom's shirt and necklace.

What did your January look like?

Life Lately According to Instagram is a once-monthly feature in which I showcase my favorite Instagram shots. You can follow along with me in real-time if you'd like--I'm @megan_flynn.