Home Tour: Little Corners

After being stuck at home and mostly in bed for the past two days, I am really excited to get out and go back to work today! Once I was starting to feel better, I also started feeling a little stir crazy, so I took a short walk around a few of my favorite corners to give you a peek into some spots you might not have seen. I pretty much only take photos in the kitchen, so I included some shots from the sun room  dining area, and living room.

As you might know, I've been living at my parents' house for about eight months. A lot of people ask me why I'd move back in with my parents or ask me when I'm going to get my own place, and even though it's absolutely none of their business, I always tell them exactly what I'm about to tell you: I really love it.

It's been such a nice experience to be back home and see my parents and my dog every day; sometimes I look back on my time living downtown in Roanoke when they were just twenty minutes away and wonder what I was thinking! I know that having my own place was a good life experience and now I know that I hate living alone. So for now, this is working out just perfectly. I couldn't ask for better roommates, and when my brother comes home for the weekend or for the holidays, I get to hang out with him the whole time, too!

Take a look around! I hope you love it as much as I do.

 The photo wall above the piano in our sun room.

 I'm extremely unorganized--a book I haven't started and my blush, just hanging out on a coffee table.

 One of my favorite lamps and a palm from some Palm Sunday mass. They're tucked away everywhere.

 Rooster salt and pepper shakers on one of the shelves of the wine rack.

 This is where we keep the fancy glasses!

 More from the winerack: love this green candle, its coaster, and the Waterford bowl next to it.

 Such a sweet photo of my grandpa Albino and grandma Angelica on a side table in the living room.

Some essentials in the kitchen: pepper grinder, ramekin of kosher salt, mate, tea kettle.  

The fireplace and our big red coffee table in the living room.

What does your home look like?