Friday Favorites (12)

I feel like I say this every Friday, but this has been an unbelievable week. I don't think I've ever been so busy at work! Last night was our office holiday party and even though I had to rush a bit to get there in time, it was fun to get all dolled up and relax with my work friends. 

Photo by LHC.

Here's a quick list of some links I've loved over the past week or so:

I'm not even a fan of Pope Benedict XVI, but for some reason this story about him on Twitter warmed my heart.

(But then I read this and I'm like ugh, nevermind.)

A thoughtful post from VanessaOur Daughter's First Haircut & Teaching Girls Independence.

The Great Gatsby cast looks so fabulous in these posters.

A good read about Anonymous and the Westboro Baptist Church. Read the whole article and you can find a few links to sign petitions to legally recognize these terrible people as a hate group and also have their tax exempt status reevaluated.

This gold and brown Marc Jacobs watch is so perfect that I want to eat it.

How You Can Help: Memorial Donations for Sandy Hook Victims


Tomorrow I'm off to Arizona for Christmas! Have a wonderful weekend!