Friday Favorites (11)

[This one is called Megan, on Monday.]

Take a peek at a few links I've loved this week:

Jigsaw London's Holiday Handbook is beyond magical. I love everything this company does, and I can't get over how wonderful their products and customer service are. The handbook is full of gift ideas, recipes, crafts, and outfit ideas that are just perfect for this holiday season!

Sorry, Vegans! I thought this article was super interesting, and it made me even happier with my Paleo lifestyle choices.

Reading about things like this makes me feel so hopeful about the next generation of girls.

Say hi to some Freckled Italian sponsors:
Danielle is an adorable West Virginian living in Seattle (one of my favorite cities!) with her husband, and Kelly was born and raised in New Jersey and now lives in Pittsburgh. They both have sweet lifestyle blogs and you should go meet them this weekend!

Young Latino Students Don't See Themselves in Books--you definitely have to do a little searching to find some diversity in Children's Literature. Studies show that being able to relate to characters is really important, and so many kids don't get it.

Will someone get me a furry snood for Christmas, please?

This helpful dog sends me into fits of laughter. What a sweetheart!


I'm off to northern Virginia again, this time for a housewarming party and Rob's office holiday party! On Saturday, Melissa and I are getting our hair done at Drybar and I absolutely can't wait. And I have a great dress. And shoes. I love any excuse to get all dressed up, but I think it's really going to be fun. What are you up to this weekend?