Friday Favorites (09)

What a week! The days really flew by quickly for me. No matter what the results end up being, I always find elections exciting and I love watching the whole thing unfold. It's been cold here in Roanoke, and dark! It takes me a little while to adjust to the time change--I've been in bed well before 10:00 PM this week, and it has been so awesome.

[5:30 PM. It's dark out. Welcome to winter.]

Check out some of the things I've loved this week. There are some really good ones!

This interview with Maurice Sendak made me miss him more than ever.

Sixth Grade Women--such a beautiful piece.

I'm so excited about Instagram's web profiles!

I just really need this dress (in Cream) for the upcoming holiday season.

Pretty much everything Ben Gibbard does makes me love him even more than I thought I initially did, but I can't get over how awesome I think it is that he is so open about his support of gay marriage.

I feel lucky to have such a positive blog friend in Tammy, but those pumpkin chocolate chip brownies she made aren't helping me!

I've only heard good things about The Paris Wife and I really can't wait for my copy to arrive!

11 Things Everyone Needs You to Know

I love this piece on The Rumpus--it made me even more excited to cast my vote on Tuesday.

Reality Check: Two Years on Food Stamps. I'm proud to be able to say that I know the author personally.

Have you guys checked out Beautiful Layers yet? Such a gorgeous blog and magazine.


Tonight after work I'm having dinner with some awesome women from around here, which is so special to me because I feel like a lot of the time I dash out of town right at 5:00 on Friday evenings, and a lot of the time I miss fun things. Then I'm heading to Farmville to hang out with my brother and meet Rob for the weekend. It should be fun--I always love being back at my alma mater!

What are you up to this weekend? 
What cool things did you read this week?