Recipe: Bacon Chocolate Apple Slices

This recipe was inspired by several things. First of all, fall is the perfect time for apples, isn't it? But more than apples, I have been eating a lot of dark chocolate recently. Like, really dark. I eat it at night, with a glass of red wine, while I read or listen to music. It's really nice, and it makes me feel fancy. And finally, I don't think I need to remind you how much I love bacon.

I sent my mom a text message before I left work last night that said, "Do we have apples, bacon, and chocolate?" and believe it or not, she didn't say, "Get a grip, Megan!" She actually said "Let me check," and then "Yes," so I rushed home with excitement.

This is what we're going to do--we're going to dip some apples in dark chocolate and then we're going to cover them with homemade bacon bits--because, why not? Ready? Let's do it.


One Honeycrisp apple
A bar of dark chocolate (I kept it Paleo with this one)
Several strips of bacon

1. Cook the bacon until it is really, really crunchy. You're going to turn these into little bacon bits.
2. Once it's cooked, chop it up. I used a chopper to get it as fine as possible. 
We're talking almost bacon dust, people.
3. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
4. Slice up your apple and set up an assembly line with apple slices first, then chocolate, then bacon.
5. Dip a slice in the chocolate, let it drip a little, and then sprinkle the bacon bits on the chocolate.
6. Plate them, show your friends, and feel like a culinary genius for a few minutes.