What I Wore 28: Polka Dots and Pin Curls

Sometimes, you see a top online that you just have to have, so you order it , even though it's really not your style and you have absolutely nothing to wear with it. Then, two months later, you buy a skirt for $4 that looks kind of cheap, so you put on your new top and a big old necklace and wear heels and kind of hope for the best. Then, you curl your hair and decide, right before walking out the door, that you're going to try something new with that, too. So you pin the front up in a suicide roll or a victory roll or whatever the heck it is and proceed to feel like a complete stranger, but you still kind of like it.

This is what all of that looks like.


Top (view here): ModCloth
Skirt: From this Ebay shop
(Thanks for the tip, Amanda!)
Necklace: Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes: Style & Co. from Macy's

I also recently got layers and I'm totally into them. What do you think?
Do you own anything that makes you feel like a totally different person?