Weekend in Photos // Boyfriend, a Power Outage, and an Offer

Hi everyone! I'm currently at a coffee shop in Roanoke, which is the only place I've managed to find an internet connection that works. We've had some crazy weather! If you've sent me an email and I haven't responded to it, it's probably because I haven't even received it yet!

My weekend started on Wednesday, which was pretty awesome. I headed to DC to meet up with some girlfriends for dinner and drinks on Wednesday night, then spent the night and picked Rob up at the airport on Thursday morning! We went to Charlottesville for the night and headed to the lake on Friday afternoon, where a huge windstorm came through and knocked out our power for 24 hours. There was a lot of lounging and reading in the basement, which managed to stay cool, and I have to say that it was a pretty nice way to spend a power outage in the middle of a heat wave. We were definitely lucky though, and my thoughts are with any of you in the area who are still without power! Stay safe, friends.

 Sweet Tina.

With Whitney and Melissa

Artichoke and heart of palm dip. 

Just your average branch in the backyard. 

RIP, umbrella. 

Rocky trying to stay cool even though he's pumped to be allowed on the bed with us. 

Boys reunited! 

I love this so much. Just reading while my dog naps. 

Sunday evening walk downtown. 

Sunday dinner-- Vaca Frita. Deliciosa.

This morning I accepted an offer for a Social Media position in Roanoke and I got an email from my advisor saying that my thesis is ready to be submitted. I think it's time for a celebration. Happy Monday, indeed!