Recipe: Paleo-ish Jalapeno Poppers

At the risk of seeming like a self-proclaimed food expert who, in reality, only knows how to wrap things in bacon (see here and here), I'm going to share another recipe with you in which I wrap something else in bacon.

Our garden at the lake yielded an insane number of jalapenos, and they're still coming. Do you know how wonderful that is? I decided that I wanted to make a Paleo rendition of a jalapeno popper, and instead of filling the pepper with cream cheese, I'd use goat cheese, which, although not entirely Paleo, is a bit more Paleo-friendly and one of my favorite foods. 

After filling them with the goat cheese, I was going to bread them in almond flour, but I started to feel disturbed about the breading, because let's face it, almond flour just doesn't always cut it. It tends to get soggy and not brown enough, and these jalapenos were beautiful and perfect and I wanted them to be wonderful in every way. So I filled them with goat cheese and then wrapped them in bacon instead.

12 large, fresh jalapenos
One 4 ounce package of soft, plain goat cheese
One package of bacon

1. Take goat cheese out of fridge and let it get soft.
I like to take it out of the package and put it in a bowl so you can stir it around.
2. Wash the jalapenos, cut in half, and then cut each half in half again (as shown above).
3. Use a little spoon to scrape the seeds out of the peppers.
4. Wash your little spoon and use it to spread goat cheese into each pepper.
5. Wrap those babies in bacon! I used about half a piece for each popper.
6. Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. 
When the bacon looks about done, turn oven to the "broil" setting and keep an eye on them until they're crispy.