If You Really Knew Me

I've been seeing this post around a bit lately, and I liked it. I had planned to write one for you today, and then sort of changed my mind, and then my friend Jenna sent me and the girls an email saying that those were actually her posting plans for Thursday, and she would like us to please join her. So here we are.

I like to think that I keep things real on this blog, and seriously--I try to. But there are a lot of random things about me that just don't fit into my everyday posting, and so you might not know them. So here we are...again.

If you really knew me, 

...you'd know that I am such a morning person. I love going to bed early and I love nothing more than waking up with the sun, drinking a cup of coffee, and looking out the window before the day begins.

...you'd know that I say I'm done with my master's degree because I finished my thesis, but really, I still have to edit a bibliographic essay and I'm just so tired of the whole thing that I felt like I needed a little break.

...you'd know just how much this new job means to me. I had no idea what I was going to end up doing for what feels like a very long time now, and now I have this desk and these co-workers and this responsibility that I care so much about already.

...you'd know how good I can be at holding a grudge, and how hard I try not to. In high school and the beginning of college, I could really write someone off without even thinking twice about it. Now, I try to let go in a way that's a lot less severe, which seems to work out better for everyone.

...you'd know how much I love to run. CrossFit was fun. It's not really fitting into my schedule anymore. And that feels okay to me. I am so excited to make time for running again.

...you'd know that I am a very anxious person sometimes. I have lots of irrational fears that don't feel so irrational to me.

...you'd know that sushi is still my favorite food, Paleo or not. It reminds me of being in high school, having lunch with my friends, caramel lattes, and getting my nails done.

...you'd know that I absolutely cannot keep my bedroom organized for long.

...you'd know that fall is my favorite season and that after July 4th, I start to hallucinate that the air is getting cooler and smells like leaves until October comes. I wear jeans before it's appropriate and start to sweat, upset that it's only August.

...you'd know just how quirky I am. I talk in weird voices and laugh all the time and I am always hungry.

What about you?