A Room of One's Own

I took the day off from work on Tuesday, knowing that I would be exhausted from a late night of driving after the Death Cab for Cutie show (which, by the way, blew my mind just as hard as I expected it to). Instead of wasting a day sleeping in and then sitting on the computer like I had originally planned, I decided to put some stuff in my car and drive to my parents' house for a day of unpacking and organizing my old room.

I'm sometimes impressed with my high-school self. For example, the above wind chime was picked out by a younger me, and it's just perfect. It hangs outside my bedroom's porch door and I love it so much. It's just right for its space.

I cannot say the same thing for my bookshelf.

Here it is, in all its disheveled glory. It's stuffed with books I don't read anymore and actual trash that hails from a world where I did not appreciate the perfection that is a built-in bookcase. So, I spent three hours emptying it and starting over.

It still needs some work, especially in the space that should be my desk, but at least what's there is alphabetized.


One of the oldest things in my house needs no improvement. Rocky hung out with me all day. 
I think he's only getting more awesome in his old age.

There's a lot to be said for growing up.
At least, that's what my dog told me.