Recipe: Paleo Green Berry Smoothie

Breakfast has become one of my favorite Paleo meals, but that's because it usually consists of some eggs, coffee, and a lot of bacon. So when my new friend Sarah asked me about my take on egg-free Paleo breakfasts, I was actually not sure what to say for a few minutes. I didn't have any advice! Then, I remembered something good. Smoothies!

I like to throw a couple handfuls of spinach into my fruit smoothies because it makes me feel sneaky. You can't taste it and if the color doesn't bother you, you're really not going to be able to tell the difference. Unfortunately, a smoothie doesn't keep me full nearly long enough, even with spinach. So, I threw half of an avocado in the blender, and it did the trick!

Makes one big smoothie or two smaller ones.
1-2 handfuls of spinach
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup strawberries + blueberries
(fresh is good but frozen is fine)
1-2 tbsp honey (more if you like)
1/2 of an avocado
1 banana
8-10 large ice cubes

1. Put ingredients in blender.
2. Blend.
3. Pour into a cute jar and drink with a straw.