Memorial Day Weekend

[Lime, cilantro, and habaneros: the start of a damn good summer salsa, taken May 2012.]

Memorial Day weekend at the lake is the start of a wonderful thing.

Margaritas are shaken and poured into frosty glasses, barbecue and fresh salads are piled high onto paper plates, fireflies glitter as the sun goes down, and marshmallows are roasted for s'mores over camp fires in the backyard. 

Here's what I've been up to already:
--a lot of walking around barefoot
--wearing sunscreen, not makeup
--a long bike ride and an omelet for breakfast
--sitting in our home office with a stack of books
--drinking icy water from big jars with lemon

At the risk of boring some of my old friends, I thought I'd share some recent posts that mostly sum up this journey so far:

Rob made it safely to China and I'm here for the summer with my family, feeling very well-fed, extra-freckled, and thankful.