What I Wore 19: Adventures in Thrifting

A few weeks ago, I had convinced myself that every week, I would share a "What I Wore" post with you. Preferably, it would be on Wednesdays, because I like alliteration, but only when it's subtle. I wasn't going to tell you it was What I Wore on Wednesday With Something Else, because come on. Who do you think I am?  Anyway, it worked for a few weeks, but then it didn't, because sometimes I come home from work and put on yoga pants and don't actually leave the house again.

But, sometimes I do. You don't actually get to see a full shot of this dress because the lovely zipper actually completely came apart when I was reaching for something. I guess one of the great things about finding clothes for $4 in a Goodwill is that, if it falls apart/doesn't fit, you can get it fixed/altered and still pay less for it than anything else in your wardrobe.

I'm still really new to thrifting because I love new clothes and I'm not always that patient, but I feel like I could get into it.

Dress: Thrifted in Lincoln City, Oregon
Tights: J.Crew // Shoes: J.Crew

 I can't decide whether this dress makes me feel like I'm going to Prom in the 80s 
or having tea with Alice in Wonderland. 
Either one is pretty good.