Christina, Caroline and Comfort

After work the other afternoon, I got in my car and headed to Richmond for the evening. My first stop was Monument Avenue to catch up with Tina, one of my very best friends. She's in her first year of law school at University of Richmond. So anyway, she's swamped with work and scary classes, but she took a few hours from her studying to hang out with me. She's wonderful. And cute. I don't think I tell her this enough or at all, but I'm really proud of her. I'm proud of you, Tina.

We got some coffee at her neighborhood Starbucks and took a walk, catching each other up with what's been going on since we last saw each other in August. I really, really like being in Richmond. I wish I could have stayed just a bit longer.

After a while, we went back to her awesome apartment and sat on the patio, watching the world go by.
And eating quesadillas. 

Around four o'clock I got in my car and headed to my college roommate, Caroline's apartment. For some reason I left my camera in my car, but we got a drink (she got something called "Caroline's Sweet Tea," I had a really spicy Bloody Mary) and then she took me to dinner at the most amazing place: Comfort, where they prepare their food with butter and magic.

I will go back again soon and take pictures, because as we sat in front of what was seriously the best crème brûlée I've ever had, Caroline described our experience perfectly by saying "You know how sometimes people do coke and from that point on, their lives are just a little bit worse because they have to live without coke? That's how I feel about this place."

She's right. But sometimes I feel that way about her. 
I miss Caroline, Tina and Comfort so much already.

Finding time for your friends is so delicious.